Taiwan Society of Endocrinology and Metabolism



The study of adaptive science aims to correct the physiological and biochemical disorders of the human body, which are caused by internal or external factors, or utilize other feasible approaches to reduce or prevent such disorders. The final goal of this study is to assist people in maintaining their health. People not only need to have healthy bodies but also healthy lifestyles and a sound environment. These goals cannot be achieved simply through medical science or medical treatment. Ensuring a healthy lifestyle requires that this intervention be combined with sports science, clinical medicine, gerontology, home care, psychology, nutrition, and environmental protection, as well as adaptive and balancing concepts.

The International Society for Adaptive Medicine (ISAM) has held global conferences in Germany (1990), Russia (1991, 2006), Japan (1993), India (1995), USA (1997, 2003), and France (2000) since its foundation. Although ISAM grew gradually and academic study on the science of adaptive medicine developed, the science has not drawn significant attention from the Taiwanese. For instance, Professor Wang, Paulus Shyi-Gang was the only Taiwanese attendee in the French conference of 2000 in Lyon, and Professor Kuo, Chia-Hua was the sole Taiwanese researcher invited to speak in the Russian conference of 2006 in Moscow. In the 2006 conference, Prof. Guo was asked whether Taiwan would like to sponsor the global conference in 2009. At the end of the conference, Prof. Guo brought the message to Taiwan and received a positive response. Planning was immediately underway, and Prof. Singal, the honorary chairman of ISAM, was invited from Canada to conduct a field survey of Taiwan and soon endorsed the committee’s choice of Taiwan to sponsor the Ninth session of the ISAM Global Conference. As a result, the Society of Adaptive Science in Taiwan (SAST) was established on October 20, 2007 as a center of gathering the scientific and academic strength of Taiwan and as a platform and bridge geared towards international academic studies.